The Xi Xi Kappa chapter is group of over 15 women that share a common belief.  It's always more fun when you have your friends by your side.  Whether it's a chapter meeting, making sandwiches for the homeless, a trek around the globe or just dinner you'll usually find more than one of us together. As pledges are welcomed into our chapter they become more than friends, they become sisters within the International organization of Beta Sigma Phi. 

We are filled with talented and bright women who share their talents for the greater good through service events that help those within our community by volunteering and making donations, as well as by serving on our board to make our chapter a success year after year. We are filled with woman who want to enjoy and explore what life has to offer by enjoying dinners out, drinking a good glass of wine, watching a chick flick, or adventuring around the globe. We are filled with compassionate women who take care of a sister when she is ill, comfort her when she is suffering, and listen when she needs to talk. We are filled with friends, mothers, daughters, aunts, nieces, and sisters that love celebrating all successes, achievements, and excitements in our lives.

We are looking for women with these same ideals. If this is you, contact us to get more information.  Feel the warmth of sisterhood. Check out our favorite links to find out more about Beta Sigma Phi and how you can become a part of something bigger than yourself.

We Put Our Hearts Into It

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